Deep Tools

Deco planner with all the tools a technical or nitrox diver needs.

Plan your open circuit or rebreather dives with Bühlmann ZH-L16 Gradient Factor algorithm. This advanced mobile app supports metric and imperial units, altitude diving, salt and fresh water. It calculates MOD, EAD, END, SAC, Gas consumption, CNS and OTU.
Plan and share your dives with friends. View profile, text plan, pressure graph, lost gas plan and slate view that can be printer on thermal printer.

Deep Photo

Advanced camera app for underwater photo and videography.

When you put your iPhone in underwater housing you want to have all the great features of the device.
This advanced camera app is the perfect solution. You can shoot video in 4k, and slow motion, use all of the device lenses, use a timer and multiple shots, zoom, and more. It works with WeeFine, Kraken, Smart Housing Pro, and SeaLife SportDiver underwater housings.

BlueROV Control

Control BlueROV2 with just an iPad instead of Windows PC.

BlueROV Control is an iPad app that replaces QGroundControl. All the functions and intuitive user interface is designed for BlueROV2 by Blue Robotics Inc.

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